Title Undertaking of Japanese Keihin Kaihatsu Kogyo co.,LTD Date 14-11-14 13:28
Writer 최고관리자 Count 2,662
We undertook 47 years history company, Keihin Kaihatsu Kogyo Co.,LTD on 31st July, 2009 by M&A for almost a year. This company is the professional construction contractor for shield TMB Tunnel and foundation. They announced the large size Shield TMB method of construction to Korea first, and they are a front-runner in Shield TBM method applied to Gwangju subway construction and Busan subway construction in Suyoung bay.
Recently they finished Bundang subway extension line in Han River submarine, they’re constructing 703 sector in Bucheon for subway line 7.

Keihin Kaihatsu Kogyo Co.,LTD is doing the best to be the highest value in Korea for express railway, road construction, foundation and tunnel construction with Shield TBM method.
We, Daegun Construction and Services, will strive to develop the localization for the parts of Shield TBM bit.
Thank you.


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